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Topic: Managing healthcare costs

Three questions to ask before enrolling in an Advantage plan

Ways to manage three important gaps in Medicare coverage

Women may want to plan their Medicare coverage differently than men do

Using Medicare's per-capita costs to find the best type of coverage

Open enrollment is one of the few times that you can reduce your health care costs (2 of 2)

Medicare Advantage plans are best suited for healthy people (1 of 2)

Patient involvement is seen as a key to cutting health care costs

Medigap policies and the steep cost of comprehensive coverage

The challenge of coordinating specialty care in Medicare

Seniors’ health care costs don’t necessarily track those of Medicare

Wellness could change the pattern of retirement health care costs

Comprehensive Medicare supplements encourage unnecessary treatments

Actively managing longevity risk with a reverse mortgage

Spending less for Medigap coverage

Additional Medicare means testing and other changes are likely

Living to 90 and the cost of healthcare

As their quality improves, Advantage plans have fewer doubters

Value-based insurance reduces fee-for-service’s negative effects (3 of 3)

The excesses of Medicare's fee-for-service system (2 of 3)

Why Medicare supplemental coverage is so expensive (1 of 3)

Medicare applies the brakes to its once rapid cost growth

The Activated Patient

Recession may have forced people to become prudent healthcare consumers for life

Slowing Medicare cost growth could provide lessons for seniors

Medicare Advantage plans in a retirement planning portfolio (2 of 2)

Longevity projections -- a key consideration in retirement planning

Comparative effectiveness research may offer a path toward lower healthcare costs

The post-election outlook for seniors’ healthcare costs (2 of 2)

The post-election outlook for seniors’ healthcare costs (1 of 2)

Knowing two basic facts and taking two annual actions can help to control healthcare costs

Television advertising may be a sign of Medicare’s growing market concentration (2 of 2)

Retirement healthcare costs and the financial consequences of unhealthy lifestyles

The Age and Gender Bias in Retirement Healthcare Spending

Retirement healthcare costs and dental coverage

Retirement healthcare costs and the Supreme Court's decision

Medicare and the ways that younger retirees can anticipate its cost curve

Medicare, retirement healthcare costs, and the primary care physician

Looking for solutions to Medicare's costly fee-for-service approach (2 of 2)

Dealing with high healthcare costs in late retirement

Medicare and the engaged (wary) consumer

What Medicare doesn't cover -- facilities fees, private rooms, and concierge medicine

Medicare's opportunities to reduce healthcare costs didn't completely end in December

Medicare’s costs, retirement spending levels, and the four percent rule

Medicare’s Part D Stand-Alone Plans: Bending the Cost Curve (1 of 3)

Prevention, wellness programs and long-term retirement healthcare costs (2 of 2)

Prevention, wellness programs, and retirement healthcare costs (1 of 2)

Medicare Advantage plans: health insurance with declining premiums

Medicare and the two basic steps in planning for retirement healthcare costs

Fee-for-Service Medicare and surging healthcare costs (1 of 3)

Minimizing costs in employer retiree plans

Catastrophic protection and the various types of Medicare supplemental coverage

Adjusting the estimates for retirement healthcare costs

Medicare coverage and the aging curve

Avoiding costly Medicare enrollment mistakes

Medicare: controlling costs by seeing younger physicians

Women's vs. men's retirement healthcare costs

Medicare's unequal gaps

Medicare Costs: Higher incomes translate to higher premiums

Medicare's perfect storm

Developing written financial plans for managing retirement healthcare costs

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